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Academic Programs Offered at Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University appears in our ranking of the Top 25 MBA Programs With No GMAT Requirement Online.

Between its online and residential options, Robert Morris University offers more than 60 degree programs for undergrads. Students with an interest in the social sciences can major in clinical psychology or sports psychology and develop strong skills in relation to working with patients. There are also majors available in history and political science. Science majors can choose from programs in biology and environmental science as well as education and science. The university offers four majors for digital media arts students, including graphic design and digital cinema and television. Multiple education and engineering programs are available also.

Graduate students can choose from more than 30 degree programs, several of which are dual major programs. One is a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA), which is suitable for students who want to work in both private and public medical facilities. The university also offers a standard MBA program and a dual program in human resource management. Human resource management majors can earn a Master of Science degree too. Some of the other graduate programs include majors in taxation, special education, and engineering management.

At the doctoral level, students can choose from five programs. The university offers a Doctor of Nursing program with emphasis areas such as family care and adult care. Another version of the program focuses on mental health nursing. Students with a computer science background can get a degree in information systems and communications from the university. There is also a doctoral program in instructional management and leadership. Most of the doctoral programs require that students spend a year or more working on a dissertation or a similar final project.

Robert Morris University also offers certificate programs for students who either have a degree from the university or another school and those who want to study a specific subject or field. Most of these programs are available on campus, though some are only available online. Those online programs include fields such as business analytics, project management, labor relations, online teaching and autism spectrum disorders, which is also available as a traditional certificate program. Robert Morris University also offers traditional certificate programs in subjects such as enterprise systems, information systems, infant and toddler teaching and teaching English as a second language.

About Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University is a private university named after one of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence. Founded in 1921 as a private business academy, it originally had an emphasis in accounting programs. Andrew Blass worked at the Pace Institute for many years and used his experiences to design the curriculum used by the school. It became the Robert Morris School of Business in 1935 and moved to a new location in downtown Pittsburgh. The school would only remain there until the 1960s, which was when it purchased a new estate in Moon Township and moved its campus there. After becoming Robert Morris College in 1969, it gained changed its curriculum and eventually became a university called RMU.

The RMU campus is just a short drive from Pittsburgh, which makes it a popular choice for working students. It offers some of the best graduate and doctoral programs for those students, though its catalog also includes a number of undergrad and certificate programs too. There are close to 100 degree programs available for students and nearly as many certificate options. Robert Morris University also offers more than 100 clubs and organizations for its more than 4,800 enrolled students.

Robert Morris University Accreditation Details

With the institutional accreditation that the university has from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), RMU can evaluate transcripts and give students credit for some of the classes they already took. This is the same accreditation that allows students to get financial aid. Some of the programs that have individual accreditation include those in nursing and nuclear medicine.

Robert Morris University Application Requirements

RMU asks that all prospective undergrads provide official transcripts and their test scores when applying. Though the university does not have a minimum required GPA, it recommends a GPA of at least 3.0. Students will also need to score at least 22 on the ACT or 1080 on the SAT. Roughly 30% of incoming freshmen graduate at the top of their high school classes and receive scores higher than these on their tests. RMU allows students to pay the application fee online when they finish the application and then send in their scores and transcripts.

Both graduate and doctoral students will use the same application when applying to RMU, but they do not need to pay an application fee. They will need to download and print copies of the graduate recommendation form and have their references complete and submit that form for them. The university encourages students to choose both academic and professional references who can identify their strengths. Some programs ask for a test score and will accept the GRE, GMAT, and MAT. Most programs ask that students submit their documents to the head of the department. That department head will review and make a decision on each individual application.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergrads attending RMU pay $930 per credit hour for part-time enrollment, which is anyone who takes less than 12 credits of courses. They pay $29,930 every year for their classes, but they also pay fees of more than $1,000 every year. Online students pay $765 per credit hour if they also live on the university campus. Any undergrad who lives away from the campus will pay $705 per credit hour. Graduate students pay between $840 and $955 per credit hour, with the university’s MBA program charging the highest tuition rate.

With financial aid, students can reduce some of their annual costs. Undergrads spend thousands of dollars every year on room and board in addition to their tuition. Financial aid packages can cover a good portion of their estimated costs. To get financial aid, RMU asks that students complete the FAFSA prior to registering for classes. It will provide students with government aid based on their forms, including federal and state grants. Some students may also qualify for institutional scholarships. All of the degree programs offered by Robert Morris University provide financial aid opportunities for students.

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