In today’s expansive hospitality industry, a hospitality associate’s degree can really give the job candidate a great head start into the field. But is this degree one that is accredited and nationally recognized throughout the industry, or is there more that one should be concerned with? Here’s the rundown.

Degree Contents, Curriculum

Hospitality work is a serious industry, employing hundreds of thousands of workers and taking responsibility for the millions of people, their possessions, and even their pets in travel every day. As a result of such breadth, there are many types of higher education focuses with which to become professionally acquainted with in the field. One example is the general hospitality concentration. Within this collegiate focus of study, one can expect to become quite familiar with the general processes of the industry.

Another concentration commonly studied here is that of hospitality management. To learn the managerial aligns of this industry specifically, this is the appropriate degree. For those wanting the absolute top-tier degree within the hospitality field, the masters of business administration with a focus on hospitalities provides the ultimate educational foundation. With this prestigious upper-level degree, one learns the generalities, the managerial aspect, and even the corporate and global levels of the hospitality business.

For additional insights, the following courses are some of those more commonly encountered in the hospitality line of study.

  • Front Office Procedures
  • Legal Issues in Hospitality
  • Meetings & Event Planning
  • Marketing for Hospitality
  • Club & Resort Management
  • Management Problems in Hospitality
  • Hospitality & Tourism


Having read thus far, one can start to see the officialism of not only the hospitality field but also of the study of it. Consequently, most of today’s hospitality associate’s degrees are accredited. However, it is important to verify this before starting any school’s degree program.

One of the best ways to verify accreditation is to check through the US Department of Education . The Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs provides the public with the ability to verify any school’s current accreditation status. Anyone can simply visit the website, research their school or schools of potential choosing, and then glean all relevant info.

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Non-Accredited Schooling

It is also important to note that there are numerous, non-accredited schools out there with which anyone can attend and earn some sort of merit. Generally, this option is not a good idea as most of the greater hospitality world will not officially recognize the accolades received here. Additionally, a lack of accreditation is also a common sign of inadequacy in some shape or form. Students seeking a hospitality degree or any other are best advised of this.

The hospitality industry is a major one, employing more and more each and every day. To work here and truly get ahead, a degree from an accredited school of hospitality is often just the right choice. Avoid non-accredited schools and always do the research ahead of time. Today’s accredited hospitality associate’s degree is one great way into the industry.

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