How long does it take to get an Associate’s Degree in Accounting online? With the accounting field changing, including accounting giants opening up law firms and accounting boasting business numbers, it’s an incredibly competitive and rewarding field. For students looking at online options for the associate’s degree, however, the timeline towards completion can be a little murky. Here’s a quick primer on when students can reasonably expect to complete this degree.

Degree Requirements

Most accredited online associate’s degree programs require that a student finish 60 credit hours of work in order to earn their diploma. This comes out to about two years of full-time study. Many programs, however, may require a practicum or an internship, which is separate from coursework. If a student is taking the degree online, it may require them to set aside additional time for this requirement. All programs will be forthcoming with students about degree requirements prior to enrollment, so it is advised that a student sit down with an admissions advisor to look over degree requirements and timetables before submitting their application.

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Full-Time Versus Part-Time

Online students often take on their degree through virtual means because it allows them the freedom to choose how and when they study. Many traditional schools require students to be full-time, but most online programs enable a student the opportunity to take on as many or as few courses as they can handle. Because online students often work full-time or have other obligations, the ability to study part-time is the pathway they take on. Most associate’s degrees give students around three to five years to complete their study for graduation; full-time programs can take as little as 18 months.

Transfer Credits

In the event that a student has some college credits from an accredited school, it may be possible to transfer those credits to the associate’s degree. How many credits can be transferred depends on the school’s maximum transfer credit allotment, how long ago a student completed that credit, and whether or not the credit comes from an accredited institution. By transferring credits, students can save themselves time and make the road to graduation that much quicker. More information can be found by contacting the school’s admissions department prior to enrolling in any courses.


Many online programs run differently than traditional academic schedules, which is a 16-week term that takes place in the fall and the spring. Online students can choose from different admission dates, choose full-time or part-time schedules, join a cohort or accelerated path, and more. It’s also possible for online students to take part in J-Term, which is a term for courses held over the winter break, and summer terms. All of these options can accelerate a student’s time to completing their degree. If a student decides to attend school full-time and takes courses year-round, they can complete this degree in as little as 16 months.

For students who are interested in accounting as a profession, the pathway to that field can be difficult if a college degree is required. However, with so many virtual colleges offering an associate’s degree in accounting, it’s never been easier to enter this workforce. Now that we’ve covered the question of how long does it take to get an Associate’s Degree in Accounting online, the next step for students is to research schools that may be most beneficial for them.

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