If you’re thinking about getting a minor with a Web design degree, there are many subjects that would be good complements to this major. However, a minor isn’t always necessary and should usually reflect your personal interests more than your career goals. The exception to this rule is when your personal interests coincide with your career goals, such as a Spanish minor for a social worker who wants to work in Hispanic neighborhoods.

Becoming a Web Designer

In Web design, a minor isn’t likely to further your career, and if you’re getting a two-year Web design degree, you usually can’t declare a minor anyway. If you’re considering a four-year web design degree, you may want to look into some of the two-year options instead because a bachelor’s in Web design doesn’t prepare you for any jobs that an associate’s degree doesn’t prepare you for. If you want a four-year degree for working as a Web programmer, you should get a computer science degree and perhaps minor in art or design. If you want to work as more of a visual designer in the Web design field, you should get a two-year graphic art or Web design degree, but you won’t be able to declare a minor.


15 Most Affordable Online Web Design Degree Programs (Bachelor’s)

Declaring a minor makes your degree take longer and become more expensive, and minors are usually just an added bonus on a résumé, not essential. If you’re young and just want to minor in a subject, the best advice is to pick the subject you like best because your choice doesn’t make your major significantly more meaningful. Your choices are to minor in another technical subject or in a qualitative subject like art or English.

The Types of Jobs in Web Design

Web design involves equal amounts of visual design and programming, and jobs in this field are divided up for creative types and people who are more comfortable writing code. If you’re the type of person who can do both jobs, you’ll have even more opportunities, and your choice of minor can reflect either aspect of your interests. If you’re more of a visual designer and you end up getting a four-year degree, you may want to minor in a technical subject like computer science to balance out your education. A CS minor is not extremely difficult and just introduces you to basic concepts such as data structures, algorithms and object-oriented programming. If you’re the type of person who feels more comfortable designing programs, you may want to balance out your education with a design minor. You’ll learn enough design concepts so that you can develop websites from start to finish on your own if you need to.

It’s not necessary to choose a related minor, however, and if you only want to focus on one aspect of Web design, you can choose a totally unrelated minor like business or philosophy. Whatever subject you choose, if you like it, you’ll become enriched as a person by minoring in it.

Most schools offer a two-year Web design degree because this profession doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge, and a four-year degree in this subject doesn’t give you the same level of expertise as a four-year CS degree. When considering the different choices of minor with a Web design degree, ensure that you’re making the wisest investment of your time and money by enrolling in courses that will further your career and personal interests.

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