According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), employment growth for the oil and gas industry is excellent. Research shows that from 2007 to 2012, the oil and gas industry grew by 40 percent. This growth was experienced in the three main job categories of drilling, extraction and support. Below introduces some of the fastest growing jobs in this sector. There are also many types of science and technical careers available through the various branches of the Department of Energy .

Energy Security Manager

The ideal security manager is a driven professional who has the ability to build relationships, think strategically and make a difference every day at work. They are expected to have a strong grasp of digital and physical security trends in the energy industry. They leverage their knowledge to help build a business ecosystem of strategic frameworks and technology solutions that protect assets, expand visibility, maintain market presence and ensure non-stop service. They are responsible to come up with strategic plans to assess risks, prioritize tasks and establish beneficial partnerships with a broad range of organizations. They work with technology partners to expand capacities and capabilities that leverage market channels and complement existing service offerings. Security managers must have relevant energy industry and security knowledge and experience.

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Energy Efficiency Manager

Energy efficiency managers will be involved with policy, planning and program implementation that support internal goals and external expectations. They may work for public or private organizations that deal with standard energy efficiency contracts. They may be assigned local, state, regional or national energy efficiency programs. Energy efficiency managers usually have a master’s degree in construction technology, energy management, environmental engineering or related fields. They need experience running quality and improvement programs, such as the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) program. They also need experience interacting with government representatives, program managers and corporate leaders. Experience with strategic planning, coordinating projects and developing integrated resources is appreciated. They will need strong organizational skills with the ability to manage simultaneous projects from inception to close while maintaining excellent customer service and attention to detail.

HVAC Project Supervisor

HVAC project supervisors may work in the field with technical personnel and clients to implement and complete energy efficiency projects. Their responsibilities include handling project intake, scheduling, budgeting and communication with contractors about project pipelines and deadlines. They work with contractors to enforce energy efficiency standards and processes. They also use auditing tools to benchmark performance. They review inspections of energy efficiency projects and track progress through project management software. HVAC project supervisors may gather and review project documentation, network with industry experts and follow-up on progress and achievements with clients and management. HVAC project supervisors must have knowledge of energy efficient lighting, cooling and heating technology such as LED, daylighting and occupancy sensors.

Overall, the employment outlook for the energy industry is excellent.

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