Any student who is a nature lover has excellent choices available for their major. Understandably, these degrees may require specialized training, but the resulting exclusive education will allow the student to work anywhere they want. Below introduces which majors that nature lovers should consider.

Animal Science

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), animal care workers who care for animals typically have a degree in animal science. Animal care or animal service workers are employed by local zoos, farms or non-profit organizations. The beauty of an animal science degree is that the student can focus on hands-on aspects of animal science, such as animal nutrition or animal biology. For students who want to focus on abstract aspects of animal science, they can focus on biochemistry, microbiology or genetics. However, many students with animal science degrees actually work for farming companies. They would focus on things like dairy farming, animal management or animal breeding. Regardless of the program specialization, the student will learn all about animal behavior and physiology.


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Environmental Science

Any student who is a nature lover will enjoy getting a degree in environmental science. These professionals apply their knowledge of the natural sciences to protect and preserve both human and the environment’s health. A bachelor’s degree in environmental science will normally take an integrated approach to the natural sciences. Therefore, students will take courses in subjects such as chemistry, biology, geology, and even physics. However, students can also minor in certain subjects, such as hydrology, waste management, and agricultural engineering. For students who prefer the quiet comfort of an office environment, they can minor in public policy or administration. They should take classes that will teach them about the creation and regulation of environmental policies. Students who wish to pursue a clinical career should focus on fundamental research courses, such as chemistry engineering, microbiology and advanced genetics.


Forests around the world are disappearing at an alarming rate. Qualified foresters are needed to research, educate and protect trees and forests. Conservation foresters are scientists who help to oversee and manage parks, forests and natural resources. Most conservation foresters work for state governments or federal agencies, such as the National Park Service. Typical coursework in a forestry degree will include biology, ecology and geography. Specialized courses will include topics such as forestry management and forest resource administration. Most degree programs will require advanced computer classes because many conservation foresters use highly technical software programs and geographic information systems (GIS).

Wildlife Conservation Enforcement

Wildlife conservation enforcement officers, or game wardens, are professionals who are both wildlife advocates and law enforcement personnel. Therefore, they must have a solid understanding of state and federal wildlife and environmental laws. Luckily, degree programs offer excellent specialization variety, such as wildlife ecology, biology and conservation. Additionally, there are degrees for fish and wildlife management and environmental sciences. Typical program courses will include classes about native plants, wildlife fire management and how to properly sample and measure specimens. Students who wish to pursue a law enforcement career will take law, communication and self-defense courses. Most wildlife conservation officers work for the State Police or the U.S. Forest Service.

In the end, there are exciting degrees and career opportunities for those who love animals and mother nature. These include animal science, environmental science, forestry and wildlife conservation. Overall, anyone who is a nature lover can enjoy a meaningful and interesting career that will give back to the community and the planet.

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