Attending a secular college can be difficult when you’re a Christian, and there are many benefits of attending a Christian college.

Although secular institutions offer solid instruction and many opportunities for growth, the atmosphere can put a strain on your spiritual life. Christian colleges offer all the benefits of other schools with a faith-based focus to support you throughout your academic journey.

You’ll Get a Great Education

Some people think that Christian universities are inferior to the “big names” in secular colleges, but this is a misconception. When you choose a Christian school, you learn from a group of intelligent, knowledgeable professors interested in giving you the best possible experience. As you study your chosen major, you’ll learn more about how each subject aligns with your Christian values. The administrative staff provides additional support and guidance. Meeting other believers from diverse backgrounds expands your worldview and opens your mind to fresh possibilities when it comes to what God can do in your life.

You’ll Participate in Meaningful Activities

Christian schools host social events similar to those at secular universities, but the faith-based focus makes each activity more enriching. These colleges also offer many opportunities for you to serve on campus and in the surrounding area. Look into community outreach or volunteer programs to find out how to get involved. Join a Bible study or prayer group for some valuable fellowship time, or start a group of your own if you feel called to be a leader. You may also be able to support or participate in the school’s missions efforts.

You’ll Enjoy a Strong Community

The campus and class sizes at Christian universities tend to be small and intimate, which is another benefit of Christian colleges. This gives you the chance to get to know a greater percentage of your classmates than you could at a larger school. Christian students show the love of Christ by helping each other and lifting each other up academically, emotionally and spiritually. Staff members are also active within the student community. The faith-based atmosphere of the school means that you’ll meet many peers who are active in their spiritual practices, and you’ll have many opportunities for fellowship.

You’ll Grow in Your Faith

In addition to on-campus Bible studies and sharing faith with fellow students, Christian colleges include Biblical teachings and principles within their academic courses. Classes go beyond the basics to incorporate a Christian worldview that demonstrates how God’s work and the principles of scripture align can be applied to the subjects you’re studying. By tying the two together, these schools prepare you not only for success in your desired field but also to approach your career with a strong foundation in Biblical truth.

You May Pay Less

For many students, cost is a big factor in determining where they’ll attend school. Christian colleges may cost less than their secular counterparts and provide more extensive scholarship and grant opportunities. This is in no way a reflection of the quality of the education these institutions offer. Instead, it’s an effort to help the greatest possible number of students gain access to accredited faith-based programs. Prices vary between schools, but don’t let a higher tuition keep you from applying. Look into financial aid so that you can attend the best school for your major.

As with any school, you have to be discerning about the Christian college that you choose. Look at the programs offered, read statements of faith and visit as many campuses as you can before making a decision about whether the benefits of attending a Christian college make it a right choice for you.

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