The Association of University Programs in Health Administration, also known as the AUPHA, is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping others better understand the importance of education in the health administration field. It offers programs that are only open to members who pay their dues, but it also puts out its own publications, certifies college programs and does other tasks.

Support for Job Hunters

Offering support for job hunters is just one of the things that the Association of University Programs in Health Administration does online. It has its own job board that features hundreds of health administration jobs available in cities all across the country. You can search for jobs available in a specific state, or you can search by job title. Its job board includes open positions in academia, government or public service, consulting and medical facilities.

Annual Conference

Members of AUPHA also have the right to sign up and attend the annual conference that the organization holds. The event usually takes place around the middle of June and features guest speakers and other special talks. Unlike other professional conferences that usually take place over a long weekend, this one starts on Wednesday afternoon and runs until Friday night. Guest lecturers often talk about issues like policy changes, new advances in health care/medical technology and the future outlook for jobs in the field.

Undergrad Workshops

If you are an undergrad, you can sign up for one of the undergrad workshops that the organization offers every year. Workshops are only open to students who are currently a member of Association of University Programs in Health Administration, but you can sign up and become a member online. Members must currently be enrolled in an undergrad program in health care or health administration that has accreditation from a major organization and have certification from the AUPHA. Most workshops start on Friday and last until Sunday. You’ll have the chance to attend a welcome reception, sit in on informative education sessions and meet with professionals in the field.

Journal of Health Administration Education

The AUPHA is responsible for publishing a number of different academic journals and informative magazines for both professionals and the general public. One of its top publications is the Journal of Health Administration Education. This journal comes out four times a year and includes research done by health care professionals around the world, peer-reviewed articles and news on international health administration. Though it does charge a subscription fee for this journal, members can access the current edition/issue for free online. AUPHA also offers back issues for sale on its site.

Program Certification

One of the main functions of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration is that is offers program certification for health administration programs offered by colleges. Those colleges must go through a lengthy process that allows the organization to look at the backgrounds of professors, the goals of the program, its graduation rate and how well students meet the goals of that program. Colleges must submit an application and pay an application fee before the organization will begin its research. AUPHA also lists all health administration programs with its approval or certification on its website.

The AUPHA is a professional organization that offers membership for students, professors and those working in the health administration field. It performs a number of different functions, including offering an online job board and hosting annual events like a professional conference and workshops for undergrads. The Association of University Programs in Health Administration also offers certification for college programs in health administration that prepare students for working as managers and in similar jobs.

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