There are many types of entry-level marketing jobs available for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. These include the fields of digital advertising, customer engagement, operations analysis and social media coordination. Once entry-level marketers gain enough expertise and experience, they may pursue various management jobs .

Marketing Assistant

Marketing assistants may work for a nonprofit, corporation or marketing agency. They will gain an immense amount of marketing and business knowledge because they will support the creation and implementation of client-based marketing campaigns in a wide range of industries. They will need to have excellent written and communication skills because they must work with diverse products and services. Marketing assistants need to be quick learners in order to properly provide immediate support when needed. Marketing assistants often use Microsoft Office products, such as Word to create content, Excel to track marketing accounts, PowerPoint to create presentations and Outlook to communicate with clients and schedule meetings.

Marketing Associate

Marketing associates implement various marketing models, business processes and customer service solutions. They have a much more active role with clients, so they need to have a positive attitude and professional demeanor. They may proactively approach clients during marketing campaigns to enhance the visibility and understanding of target products. They may work with sales personnel to promote and explain featured services and benefits. Some marketing associates will regularly travel to designated retail locations to assist with client meetings. They may provide detailed product information in order to overcome objections, close sales and build a viable consumer base. They strive to create a positive brand experience to enhance client engagement and product visibility.

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Marketing Content Writer

A marketing content writer will most likely work within a multi-functional business team to design and develop innovative marketing content and campaigns. They will consult with client specialists and account managers to better understand and develop content that drives leads, sales and engagement. They may only write serious content for business areas like medicine, science and investment. They may also deal with casual topics like sports, entertainment and even relationships. They proofread and edit scripts, outlines and storyboards to ensure clarity, accuracy and quality. These entry-level marketing professionals may actually have a degree in English, journalism or communications.

Project Coordinator

Marketing project coordinators help management handle, process, schedule and complete various assignments. They use project management software to monitor deadlines, milestones and overdue assignments. They must maintain positive an productive relationships with team members in order to maintain harmonious communication and elicit necessary updates. Project coordinators may collect financial, account, operational and assignment data in order to track progress. They may analyze data to uncover trends and researching marketing solutions to resolve problems.

They may use cloud-based project management apps to upload and share validated information and resources.

Event Marketer

Entry level event marketing representatives have numerous responsibilities that include public relations, client relations, promotional sales, campaign marketing, customer service and account coordination. Event marketers will spend most of their time building customer relationships, supporting event managers, providing product demonstrations, conducting live presentations. They help with the daily event set up, adjustment of display merchandise and breakdown. These marketing professionals are expected to have strong ambition, work ethics and problem solving skills. They may be expected to have basic experience in direct advertising, retail marketing and product communications.

Another one of the common marketing jobs includes social media content specialist or coordinator. These marketing professionals write, upload and monitor online content. They must be experienced with major social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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