If you’re shifting gears from a military to a civilian lifestyle, you might find it helpful to learn about your options regarding degree programs for veterans. A college degree isn’t essential for finding a good job in the civilian world, but it can help you earn a significantly higher paycheck. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best military-friendly degree programs for you to consider.

1. University of Oklahoma

Michael F. Price College of Business

BBA in General Management

According to Susan Adams at Forbes, management jobs top the list of best career paths for US military veterans. The University of Oklahoma offers bunches of degree programs suitable for vets who want to transition to civilian careers in business management. The BBA degree in general management would give you a broad range of career choices after graduation, but there are other possibilities if you wish to focus on a more specialized management niche.


2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

6-3 Computer Science and Engineering

MIT’s degree programs are all military-friendly, as evidenced by the school’s #2 ranking on US News & World Report’s list of best colleges for veterans. The 6-3 computer science and engineering program stands out as a particularly appealing choice thanks to the wide range of top-paying engineering and IT jobs it could prepare you for.

3. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University–Worldwide

Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services

Perhaps your military experience already gave you a head start at an emergency management career. If you want to further your emergency management skills and maximize your earning potential in the civilian workforce with a similar type of job, you could consider earning your Bachelor of Science degree in emergency services. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers an online degree program that would allow you to specialize in either aviation emergency management or fire and emergency services. Either specialization prepares you for civilian jobs in both the private and public sectors.

4. Arizona State University

The School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Forensic Science (B.S.)

If you’re interested in furthering your knowledge of law enforcement, chemistry, genetics and / or biology, perhaps it would be beneficial for you to earn a degree in forensic science. Arizona State University’s military-friendly Bachelor’s Degree program would qualify you for a number of interesting careers in this field.


5. Duke University

Department of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

This degree program gives you the opportunity to gain computer skills while building on your existing expertise. It would prepare you for a wide variety of jobs in the private or public sectors; you could utilize these skills to seek work in niches such as high-tech, healthcare or business. The degree would also prepare you well for further study if you want to obtain a graduate degree.


If you want to go back to school after your military career has ended, all 5 of these degree programs are excellent choices to consider. The conferring institutions have all enrolled a critical mass of veterans, according to US News and World Report’s ranking methodologies. These programs are popular with veterans because they lead to careers in niches that can take best advantage of typical veterans’ skill sets and strengths. If you want to change careers and maximize your opportunities for success in the civilian work force, you’ll want to consider these outstanding degree programs for veterans.

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