Online Graduate School Scholarships

  • Emerging Voices Scholarship
  • Toigo MBA Fellowship
  • GetEducated.com Distance Learning Scholarship
  • SR Education Group Scholarships
  • Christian Distance Learning Scholarship

Scholarships for online master’s degrees provide students with extra money that they can use to cover the cost of their studies. Many graduate students only qualify for unsubsidized student loans or private/alternative student loans that begin earning interest while they are still in school. They must start paying back those loans soon after finishing graduate school. The top scholarships provide students with funding they can use to cover tuition, personal expenses and any other costs they might have.

Emerging Voices Scholarship

The Alliance for Women in Media understands the problems that women face when going back to school, which is why it now offers this scholarship program. This is a joint scholarship offered in conjunction with the Ford Motor Company and is open to women of all ages. Applicants must write an essay to explain what they want to study, why they need help paying for college and what they hope to do in the future. A committee will narrow down its selection and ask those chosen to write a series of blog posts before it picks winners. Winners receive a $2,000 scholarship.

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Toigo MBA Fellowship

Many students enrolled in graduate business programs want to earn a Master of Business Administration. An MBA degree is a type of terminal degree that can help students work in leadership and management positions. The Toigo MBA Fellowship is a program open to all graduate students enrolled in a traditional program or an online program with accreditation. Applicants must be either Native American, African American or Hispanic, and they must study either business administration, finance or real estate.

GetEducated.com Distance Learning Scholarship

One of the scholarships for online master’s degrees recommended by U.S. News & World Report is GetEducated.com Distance Learning Scholarship, which awards students a $1,000 prize that they can use for any education expenses. Applicants must already be enrolled in an online program, but it is open to those in both master’s and bachelor’s programs. Those applying must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher too. The application asks students to write an essay of 500 words on an assigned topic such as their reasons for choosing a specific major or why they need a scholarship.

SR Education Group Scholarships

The SR Education Group is a major organization in the education field, and it now offers several scholarship options for online students. Unlike need scholarships that go to students who demonstrate a higher need for financial help, these are merit scholarships that go to worthy candidates who demonstrate strong education skills. All applicants will need to write a 500-word essay that describes their reasons for applying and why they deserve a scholarship. Winners must already be enrolled in an online college program and be an American citizen before applying.

Christian Distance Learning Scholarship

The Christian Connector, Inc. is a website that provides resources and help for students interested in attending a religious institute of higher learning online. It also offers its own scholarships that go to students attending online Christian colleges, but students applying must agree to attend an accredited college. Applicants can visit the site, fill out a short form and enter to win. The site draws names at random and awards winners a $1,000 scholarship.

Graduate programs are expensive, which is why many choose online programs, but even online programs can cost more than these students can afford. Scholarships for online master’s degrees provide students with prizes worth $500 or more that they can use for tuition and all the other costs of finishing one of these programs.

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