Certainly, some degrees appear tailor made for online learning; these include subjects such as software development, English composition and engineering. However, there are several other types of degrees that can be earned online that will surprise quite a few people. Take a look and see just what you can learn from behind a computer screen.

Agricultural Science

This may be the most surprising one on this list as it describes something that is almost always done outside: agriculture. However, some schools offer this degree completely online while others require a lab or other aspect of the class to be done online with the majority of the work online. Many of those who take advantage of this degree end up helping consumers enjoy quality bread, fruits, vegetables, meat and milk in a more efficient and safer way. They conduct experiments and analyze various pieces of data to help them meet these goals.

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Fire Science

Another degree that involves a field that is usually engaged in outdoors is fire science. Eastern Kentucky University is one of several schools that offers this degree online. Students earning a fire science degree will learn how to prevent fires, design a disaster plan for when one or more are not prevented and put that plan into action, allowing for adjustments to be made, which will depend on the status of the firefighting efforts. Classes that focus on things like the chemistry behind fires and how that impacts how quickly they spread are also available at some schools.

Homeland Security

Although many aspects of homeland security involve personal interactions with others, this is a degree that is also offered online in many cases, and those who earn it tend to be just as eligible for a homeland security career as students who took a more brick-and-mortar focused course load. In fact, they oftentimes interact with a more diverse group of classmates when earning this degree online than would occur during a more traditional setting, an experience that can really prove useful for those entering this field.


This is a degree that should be completed with at least some field work as nursing itself obviously involves quite a bit of one-on-one time with patients. However, the bulk of the work for this degree can be done online at a number of universities, including some pretty prestigious ones like Johns Hopkins University , a school that offers its online students work with a variety of virtual labs. Of course, nurses who are already in the field and are looking to earn an advanced degree do not necessarily need additional field work.

Veterinary Technology

This degree, which involves the learning of medical procedures used while caring for animals, is another one that is increasingly becoming available online. As is expected, however, some practical experiences are necessary for students taking these courses, although a considerable amount of the subject matter can be learned online. Those earning this degree are often employed in places such as animal veterinary practices, zoos, veterinary product sales and research centers. Job duties can include serving as a nurse, inducing and monitoring anesthesia, performing laboratory tests and assisting with surgeries.

Fortunately, students who may not be able to attend regular brick-and-mortar classes can earn an online degree in a surprisingly large number of subjects and enjoy quite a bit of flexibility in their schedules as a result. If none of these subjects interest you, go find out what other degrees are offered online. You may be surprised at the variety.

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